Friday, February 11, 2011

No reflections

It's Skywatch Friday today, so I am breaking the reflections series to bring you Monday's sunrise, as captured from the Guillemins train station. Complete with contrails!



Benikos place said...

Γεια σου Γρεγκ, την καλησπερα μας απο το Βερολινο.

J Bar said...

Great sky.

Martha Z said...

I like watching the planes fly overhead. Where are those people going, why?

Say No To Corporate America! said...

Cool shot! Of course I noticed the chemtrails and thought you may appreciate this info.

Chemtrail Symposium 5/29/10 ~ Faculty of Bio-Sciences
'Case Orange: Dr. Coen Vermeeren Reviews Chemtrail Data';

A link to the full report "Case Orange" and more info is on my blog post 'Normalcy Bias';

Linda said...

There's obviously a popular destination in that direction.