Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gare à nous

After the pomp and circumstance of the opening ceremony, we went for a first look at the finished (well, almost finished) station. Here's a few pictures taken from inside and outside. First, a view of the platforms and the dome:


Then, the dome itself with the sun peaking from between the beams:


And finally, a general view of the building from the outside:


The favourite pastime in Liège at the moment is to express an opinion on the new station. Some love it, some hate it, saying that it's too big, too white and doesn't fit in with the rest of the city. I am of the opinion that this could be Liège's Eiffel Tower, the building that defines the city for decades to come.


brattcat said...

I think it's quite beautiful. Like a divine hat. Your shots of it would be most appreciated by the builders of this unique piece of architecture, I think. Those interiors are particularly intriguing.

Gunn White said...

Superb photos of a superb building!:-)

Linda said...

This is so impressive. I hope it's spared any Terminal 5 moments.

Anonymous said...

I spent some time walking around it on Sunday taking some snapshots. I expected the interior to be larger inside: Some sort of catacomb. Still very nice and easy to use. Even sells Diesel clothes in one of the shops. I read on Wikipaedia that SNCB might connect Guillemins to the Euorstar line to London. Any truth to this? Additionally, the Santiago promo video for the station includes a waterway fown to the Meuse. Does this mean more building removals? URL here:

Tinsie said...

I like it. Looks very impressive and has the Calatrava stamp to it.

Looks a bit like the OAKA in Athens too ;-)