Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not a hill

I've had to amend this post because one of the comments informed me that the geographical feature in the photo is not, in fact, a hill but a slagheap. Apparently, there's plenty of them all around Liege but the coal mines that created them have been shut for a long time and the heaps have bean claimed by nature. Thanks Anne!

Therefore, this is one of the numerous slagheaps around Liege, photographed from the Pont d'Amercoeur.



Jacob said...

Almost looks a little like Paris - except for the hill. Nice shot, Greg!

Anne said...

Ce ne sont pas à proprement parler des "collines" Greg, ce sont des terrils, ancien dépot de déchets qui provenaient des charbonnages, tous fermés aujourd'hui; ces terrils sont maintenant boisés.

Superbe photo, merci pour ce blog … :-)

m_m said...

Nice shot!

Tash said...

Look like a slag heap put to good use. Sure adds to the nice view you photographed.