Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As I wrote yesterday, I was given these awards by mkhansen at Lexington Daily Photo. Thank you again!
Butterfly Award

Today I am passing on the awards to eight blogs I like very much. There's many other blogs I love but they've already received these awards!

Belgrade Daily Photo

Manchester in Pictures

Ramsey Daily Photo

Compostella Daily Photo

Thessaloniki Daily Photo

Palos Verdes Daily Photo

Molfetta Daily Photo

Daily Photos of Montana

For me, passing on the awards is a means of saying thanks for the interesting and beautiful pictures/content these blogger have been posting. They are not obliged to pass on the awards, this is not really a chain message as far as I am concerned.


Saretta said...

Thank you Greg! That's very sweet of you to think of my blog! You must come visit southern Italy sometime. It's definitely worth it!

Merry Christmas!

elena said...

Thank you for this award, I'm very pleased! I like Manchester a lot even I've spent here less than 3 years. Merry Christmas!

Professor said...

Greg- thank you so very much. I'm honored. How to receive an award!

humanobserver said...

Congrats !

kostas said...

Thank you too much Greg,I wish you a blessing New Year.
Regards from a rainy and cold Thessaloniki.