Friday, September 5, 2008

Le méga-procès Habran

Large concentration of police vehicles and personnel outside the Palais des Princes Eveques, which also houses the High Court of Liège. The trial of Marcel Habran and his presumed accomplices is taking place here at the moment, hence the security measures. Altogether 10 individuals are accused of eight murders and series of robberies. The trial is expected to last four months.



Capt. Ben said...

After the Dutroux escape, I would expect more police and maybe some helicopters around for this one.

"Palais des Princes Eveques," if I am not mistaken, means the Bishop-Prince Palace. I know "princes eveques" once had great political power in Belgium and France during the middle ages, but I am surprised that the first "Free City" of Belgium has a public building of that name.

You have given me a little history project to research... and I will learn a bit more about Liege.

Greg Dimitriadis said...

In fact, Liege was a principality, ruled by Bishop Princes until the French revolution in 1789. The people of Liege overthrew the old religious order a few months after Bastille Day. Later on, they even demolished the cathedral (it would have stood where the police cars are parked in the picture).