Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eglise Saint Martin

As part of the heritage days, most public buildings were open to the public this weekend. We chose to go to several churches, not because they are not normally open, but because over the heritage weekend they allow people to visit sections that are normally closed. We saw towers, cellars, cloisters, crypts etc etc.

Here are some pictures from our visit to Saint Martin's church. It has featured on this blog before but not like this. Here are three restored stained glass windows:


A general view of the interior:


The bells inside the bell tower:


The view from the top of the bell tower:


And, finally, an external view from the rear, as we were going back down the hill:


Over the next few days I will be posting pictures from other churches and sites we visited during the heritage days.


Zsolt72 said...

the top three photos are incredibly good!:)

Hilda said...

I adore the stained glass windows behind the altar!

babooshka said...

These are magnificent buidlings and wonderful shots.