Sunday, June 1, 2008

The power of the dark side

Today is the last day of the braderie and Darth Vader himself graced us with his presence. He brought with him a couple of stormtroopers, a Jawa, a Tusken raider, a Sith and ... a jedi (probably already under the influence of the dark side).


There were also a few unseasonal reindeer.



Anonymous said...

And to add a bit of sound background:

[mechanical breathing]
Darth Vador


banAnna said...

Wow!! Mais c'est génial votre truc, comment ça se fait que vous fêtez mardi gras en juin? Et la braderie, c'est quoi? Ils vendent des costumes de déguisement? Tu aurais dû m'achêter un masque au moins, mauvais frère..