Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charlemagne and Tchanches

The twin pillars of the Liege identity: Charlemagne and Tchanches. Charlemagne is the most famous person to be born within 50km of the Place St Lambert. Of course Liege didn't really exist at the time but he's the only King of the Franks, Imperator Augustus and founder of the royal lines of France, Germany and the Holy Roman Empire who was ever born around here so he's been appropriated. Tchanches is a traditional puppet, representative of the rowdy drunken spirit of the Liegois. He's mostly famous for drinking a lot of Peket, the local high-octane alcoholic beverage.


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Anonymous said...

Double cheers then!
Charlemagne: Liegeois!
Tchantches: Liegeois!