Monday, January 2, 2012

A higher state of ugliness?

In a previous post I showed you a photo of the ongoing renovation works of the Royal Walloon Opera. Here's an update: the building is now mostly painted white and the nondescript wooden beam decoration of the add-on box has been finished. I think that they will probably install some kind of external lift where there's a break in the beams. I feel that the whole thing is becoming increasingly ugly but please let me know what you think.



Sophie said...

La photo est intéressante mais je trouve le chat sur la photo d'hier bien plus joli à regarder et plus harmonieux dans ses proportions.
Bonne année encore à vous trois et longue vie au blog.


brattcat said...

i'm leaning in the direction of your opinion but i'd still like to wait to make a final decision until the project is complete.