Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunny Saturday

When you keep complaining you finally get what you want. I got a gloriously sunny day with a deep blue sky! Here's a sun-drenched photo of a building on the Rue du Pont d'Ile that probably used to be a theatre or a cinema. It is now a clothes store.


And here's some closeups of the gargoyles.




Leif Hagen said...

Even the gargoyles seem to be happy to have a sunny day, too!

Rob and Mandy said...

This first gargoyle looks a bit like either Asterix or Obelix. Tres belge!

Linda said...

Glad you got some sunshine after all that gloom.

Tash said...

so glad you got your wish fulfilled for sunny skies. Super perspective on the old building and fun close-ups.

John Renard said...

C'était un cinéma..