Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Non au TESS

Today some secondary students protested against the proposed university entrance exam to be enforced in the french speaking community of Belgium. It is supposed to become the equivalent of the UK A-Levels or the French Baccalaureat but currently it is a very confusing and nebulous project. What's more, there are fears it will become a means of evaluating school performance or even ranking schools, much in the way that A-Level results (among a million other statistics) are used in order to rank schools in the UK (and close down 'failing' schools). This is the reason why students marched in Brussels, Liège and other cities in Belgium today. But as the photo shows, the marches didn't attract masses of people. And that's an understatement.



brattcat said...

This is an excellent capture though you're right, the protest does seem underwhelming.

Linda said...

So forlorn, to have a sparse protest.