Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lights, camera, action!

A film is currently being shot in Liège in the Place de la République Française. It's a Belgian production called 22nd of May, starring Sam Louwyck. He is a Belgian dancer, choreographer, actor and singer. You can read more about him here if you speak Dutch.

Today, they were shooting an explosion in front of the entrance to the Galerie Opéra. They did it over and over again all day long.



Sam looked a bit fed up...


In the end, they managed to start a real fire, the fire brigade and a couple of ambulances turned up. I hope that it was nothing serious.



Steffe said...

I wonder if they will use that fire in the movie? Nice photos from the filming. I like the ghosts on the last shot!

brattcat said...

Yes, what is that effect in the last shot?

Leif Hagen said...

It must have been fun to watch them do some filming! Did they ask you to play an "extra?"

Tash said...

You got an excellent set of photos. Maybe your sideline job could be a movie still photographer.