Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recycling has a lot to answer for

Here's a great idea: let's make a really ugly and cheap christmas tree and let's place it in the most central part of town, the Place Saint Lambert, in front of the Palace. Nobody will dare complain because it will be made of empty plastic bottles and will, therefore, have a 'message'.

Somebody went ahead and did it. Thankfully, it is not a permanent exhibit...



bitingmidge said...

It'll look just wonderful lit with a zillion coloured lights though!

Thanks for dropping in on the Sunshine Coast too!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Anonymous said...

I've been looking into art created with plastic bottles lately. It doesn't have to be ugly, or installed incongruently.

What is starting to bother me is that there really are a lot of innovating and artistic designs being made with plastic bottles, but the creators all insist there is a conservation / green / eco / recycling / waste management "message".

Using plastic in art is legitimate and beautiful. Why does the message have to be pessimistic or scolding? Why can't it be "look what we can do with this stuff that we were worried was waste" ? Let's celebrate that this has become more than a solution to a problem - that we've given ourselves a new and exciting medium.

check out these links:

-T. Shawn Johnson (Whystler)