Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And what do we do with chips?

Yesterday I showed you a tub of chips. Today I am presenting its most popular use.



Greyhound Girl said...

Looks like a bit of fun! Nice landscape in the background, too.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I hear the best chips are actually in Belgium even though us in the UK think it's us.

Capt. Ben said...

When I lived in Belgium as a child (1977-1980), I loved the pommes-frites you could buy at stands in the marketplace of most larger towns and cities...

They would be served inside a cone made from rolled newspapers... I guess the EU has probably outlawed that way of serving food.

I never liked mayonnaise (I still don't) and would always try to ask for ketchup, but of course no one knew what that was. "Avez-vous de ketchup?" was always met with blank stares.

Sometimes they would serve me "sauce Americain"... sometimes that meant a red tomato sauce (tasted like canned tomato paste, not sweet like American ketchup) or sometimes it was a pink sauce which tasted just like mayonnaise anyway.

I would give the frites that were covered in mayonnaise to my mom or dad, and eat all of the rest of them.

Do they serve real American-style ketchup at frites stands now, I wonder?

How about vinegar? A la anglaise?

I like the sound of the peanut sauce... "frites satay" perhaps.