Friday, August 15, 2008

Trip to Thassos

Hi again after a rather long spell of absence. We went to the island of Thassos for a while. I could have blogged but the hotel asked for the rather princely sum of 20 euros per hour to give me the privilege of connecting my laptop to their wifi at the reception area. Considering that 20 euros was almost the price of an evening meal for two at a simple but nice taverna, we declined their generous offer.

Over the next few days I will post pictures from this trip. Thassos is a highly bloggable island. Today, I start at the beginning, i.e. the coach trip from Thessaloniki to Kavala. As we were nearing Kavala we saw this:


Forrest fires are very common in the Mediterranean in the summer, almost as common as delayed ferry boats and rude taxi drivers. Thankfully, this one was small in scale and the cavalry wasn't late.


That's one of the russian made helicopters that arrived in Greece during last year's catastrophic forrest fires and, apparently, is still around. Here's another photo of it in action:


The fire was soon brought under control but, as this last picture shows, many trees will have to be planted.


In tomorrow's episode: The ferry trip to Thasos.

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